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Stimula for Women

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Female Arousal TricksTo Ensure That You Orgasm

The female orgasm is a tricky thing. Some women have never really had one, while others swear they can cum every time they have sex. Others have to fake it because their dudes donít know how to work it and so many have only experienced an orgasm from self-masturbation. And even those who constantly have them can run into orgasm slumps, which is a period where no matter what they do, they canít achieve that big ďO.Ē If youíve never really climaxed or are just in an ďOĒ slump, here are some hacks on how to climax more often:

1. Set the mood
Donít feel silly if you have to put on some slow jams or even light a candle to get into the mood. Whatever you think is sexy and turns you on will better help you achieve an orgasm (either alone or with a partner).

2. Say what you want
Donít be afraid to tell your partner what you want in bed. Donít expect them to know what turns you on and what doesnít. Speak up and say what you want to ensure that you cum.

3. Use lube
Sometimes all thatís missing is a bit of lube. A water-based lube can really make sex that much better, allowing you to cum that much faster and harder.

4. Use toys
Like lube, sex toys can really make all the difference between the sheets. Theyíre great to use alone or with a partner and can make you have an ďOĒ face in no time!

5. Stimulate Yourself
Donít be shy if you need porn or erotic fiction to get off. Hell, bring out the steamy sexting conversation from your partner if thatís what helps you get off!

6. Donít worry about time
Whatever you do, donít look at the clock or think that youíre taking too long to cum and that your partner wonít last long. Take as much time as you need to feel sexually satisfied.

7. Break out of your sexual routine
Do something new sexually and get out of any habits youíve created. This can be a new position, new place to have sex, etc. Youíll realize that all you needed was something new to really climax.

8. Relax
Stress can really do a number on your body and your sex drive, so just relax. Donít stress out over the fact that you canít cum because itís only going to make matters worse.